Manage Domains and Accounts in ESO

Manage Domains and Accounts in ESO

Manage Domains

At Admin Login, Click on the “Manage Others” provided in the Dashboard.

User management

By default, the user will view the Domain Management tab, where the previously added domains would be listed.

Domain Management

To add a new domain, click on “Add New Domain” button.

add domain

You will be provided with the form to enter the domain URL and domain name; analytics profile Id and also be able to add competitors for your new domain.

Add New Domain

You can then add Domains and Competitor details based on your subscription plan.

After entering your new domain details, click on Create Button to add the new domain to the list.

add domain

While viewing the list of domains, you will be able to edit/change the details of the domain or even delete the domain as well.

google analytics

The admin has access to manage the domains while the users can only view the domains that are assigned to their account.

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