Knowledgebase – BI SEO Dashboard

Knowledgebase – BI SEO Dashboard

Standard Dashboard:


Here you can select the search engine google or bing and also country & Date.

Site Audit Summary:


Traffic Report for last 7 days:

Traffic Report

Traffic report select the particular date then we can get traffic details of last seven days of that particular selected date.

Link Check Summary:

Link Checker Summary

Here we can find the link checker details of your website, how many successful links of your website and how many client server error links of your website like that we can find the link checker summary report.

Keyword Ranking Summary:

keyword ranking

In keyword ranking summary we can observe the ranking details of keywords for particular date. In the above screenshot 47 keywords has no change , 25 keywords ranking has decreased and 14 keywords ranking are increased.

Top Ranked Keywords:

Top Ranked Keywords

Here we can find the top ranked keywords of your own website and for that keywords you can get their position and search volume.

Competitor Keyword Count:

competitor keyword count

Here we can find the competitor keyword count, how may keywords are ranked in first page and second page like that we can find the full details for competitors.

Page Average Rank:

1st page average rank

In Page Average rank we can find which one is in first page while compare to competitors.

Top 5 Traffic Pages:

Top 5 Traffic pages

In above screenshot we can find the top 5 traffic pages for selected time period of your own website.


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