What is the use of the Schema Validator section?

Schema Validator

  • Elite Site Optimizer's Schema validator crawls the website content, identifies the schema markup entities, and validates the available properties and attributes values. It finds issues such as missing properties, attributes, and values.
  • The schema validator tool validates all three formats of rich snippets according to schema.org and Google guidelines for using rich snippets.
  • The issues or invalid schema found in the structured data or rich snippets implemented in the web page against the Schema.org definition guidelines for each structured data type are listed as Status “Fail”.

Schema Validator - Summary report

  • The Schema validator can identify JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data), Microdata, and RDF-a (Resource Description Framework in Attributes) formats.
  • The schema markup report will be available for all the web pages available in the domain.
  • The element types currently supported by Schema validator are:
    •  Article
    • Breadcrumb
    • Book
    • Carousel
    • Corporate Contact
    • Course
    • Critic Review
    • Employer Aggregate rating
    • Logo
    • Event
    • Fact Check
    • FAQ
    • How to
    • Job posting
    • Live Stream
    • Local Business Listing
    • Media
    • Occupation
    • Product
    • Q & A
    • Recipe
    • Reviewsox/ Search Action Social Profile
    • Software App
    • Speakable
    • Subscription Content
    • Top Places list
    • Video
  • Clicking on the "View Report" button displays the detailed report of available Schema markups and Missing Schema markups provided on the web page.

Schema validator - Detailed report


What are all the unique or uncommon words used in the Schema Validator section of the ESO Application?

Schema Validator - Glossary

What is meant by Status?

The status of the rich schema markups (Rich Snippet) implemented in the web page of the domain.

What is meant by Warnings?

The Schema item types implemented in the web pages have some missing properties that are having a low impact on the web pages indexing.

What is meant by Missing?

The Schema item types implemented in the web pages have some missing properties that are having a higher impact on the web pages’ indexing.