Top Performing Pages

Elite Site Optimizer processes Google Webmaster Tool data and provides this report as top performing pages. The different data that are displayed in this report are:

Top Performing Pages
  • Page URL
  • Domain impression made for the page
  • Clicks derived for the page
  • Click through rate (%) for the page
  • Average rank position on the popular search engine

The top performing pages can be generated based on different factors like impressions or clicks and click through ratio. The top traffic driven page report is same as top performing pages except that the data will be displayed based on the sort order by number of clicks from highest to lowest.

Elite Site Optimizer coupled with Tableau and BI churns out data visualized reports which are highly interactive and easy to understand. The reports produced by the top performing feature of the Elite Site Optimizer tool generates such comprehensive data dashboards with micro details of time spent by the visitor and also areas of the website which need improvisation.  Based on these reports, organizations can make enhancements helping them to implement their road map to success.

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