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Globally, the audience that your website is most possibly targeting are definitely connecting over social networks. Hence, it’s important to keep track of the social signals that your brand is accruing.

The Elite Site Optimizer’s social signal tracking feature has the capability to collectively gather all the social interactions with regards to your domain and subsequently generates a social interaction data report. This comprehensive report systematically provides the user with the required statistics based on all the social activities that have occurred, such as Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments, Google+ posts, Twitter Tweets, Linked In posts, Blog posts, Pinterest Pins and more. It shows the number of social signals per platform and related details.

Beyond tracking the varied likes, shares, comments, and other social signals across multiple networks, the social signal tracking report also includes the traffic analytics report for the domain via social networks/websites.

The different metrics that can be viewed in this traffic analytics report are:

  • Visits to the domain from social networks
  • Page views of the domain from social networks
  • New visits to the domain from social networks

Further, it also displays information regarding the duration of each visit and average duration by taking into account all the visits from social media sites to the domain.

Elite Site Optimizer and the competent capabilities of data visualization with Tableau provide data which is easily manageable. These reports drill down to the granular level giving details like the time duration a visitor has spent in the web page and if there has been a decline in hits & the time spent. The report also focuses in specific areas of improvement, if required. Constant tracking of Elite Site Optimizer enables stakeholders to be vigilant about any drastic decline in performances and the need to make changes.

By analyzing these reports, by assessing the metrics in terms of their increase and decrease over a period of time, one can figure out the progressive measures to be taken. Social activities with regards to the social networking sites can be fine-tuned accordingly. These figures are updated automatically based on the social activities happening on a daily basis.

Strategist your social network marketing, invariably impacts your overall SEO metrics and search engine rankings. Hence, it’s pivotal to ensure that you are leveraging the social networking platforms to its fullest potential and social signal tracking executes it in an effective and remarkable way. The Elite Site Optimizer takes care of the complete social networking metrics for your domain and enables you to optimize your website.

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