Site Explorer

The Site Explorer feature of Elite Site Optimizer analyzes your domain pages and generates a readable site audit report.

The major challenge for marketing professionals is better placement on search results for various keywords across different search engines. Analyzing the status of key SEO elements is the first step towards improving site performance and doing on-page optimization. The data on different on-page elements available is: missing Title Tags, Canonical URL, Duplicate Title, H1 tags, and domain performance information. The ESO site explorer tool can analyze all the domain pages and generate an easily understandable SEO page elements status report with the following information:

  • Summary of duplicate titles, different on-page meta tags, like meta keywords and meta-descriptions.
  • Pages with missing titles & canonical URLs.
  • ¬†Existence of the XML sitemap and robot.txt.
  • Usage of H1 tags on your domain pages.
  • The number of outgoing links on your domain.

With these results, your agency can easily pinpoint numerous problems that may be preventing your landing pages from getting high search engine rankings. Furthermore, the unique On Page SEO Element Extractor feature from ESO allows you to export the on-page SEO Elements information.