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A consistent and timely site audit can be quite crucial for your business. By auditing your site pages, you are also structuring it and making it more search-engine-friendly. A site audit tool helps in identifying those areas that are distressing the traffic to your site which invariably means the number of potential customers. By performing website reviews from time to time, you have the power to safeguard your website from on-page SEO errors and potential usability issues.

You can automate your site’s quality checks with Elite Site Optimizer and rest assured feel secure about issues or errors that might arise and may negatively impact your search engine rankings. A thorough site audit can help you determine what is straining the performance of your site, enabling you to put in place an optimal solution addressing those identified issues.

Elite Site Optimizer’s unique feature Site Audit Tool will parse the owner’s domain and gather the following information:

  • Missing Titles
  • H1 Tags Available
  • Missing H1 Tags
  • Duplicate H1 Tags
  • Missing Canonical URLs
  • Missing Description
  • Duplicate Titles
  • Duplicate Descriptions
  • Images Available
  • ALT tag missing
  • Availability of Custom 404 Error Page
  • Availability of Sitemap XML
  • Availability of Robots.txt

The following are the metrics fetched for the domain using third-party data acquisition:

  • Average Server Response Time (in milliseconds)
  • Average Domain Lookup Time (in seconds)
  • Average Page Load Time (in seconds)

The SEO analyst can use these On Page SEO Element data to identify and fix the on page issues in bulk and then update on their website. The data includes:

  • Page URL
  • Title of the page
  • Canonical URL
  • Meta description for the respective page

Elite Site Optimizer encapsulates a simple reporting system that generates comprehensive reports that allows you to analyze the metrics and lets you know where you need to improve the most and how to make the best of your site. As you address the issues pointed out by the complete end to end website review, you can do a recheck from time to time, to see how the improvements are showing up and further gauge it by the resulting improvement in traffic and increase in customer base.

Elite Site Optimizer is backed by state-of-the-art characteristics of data visualization with Tableau. Websites undergo an end-to-end process of analysis based on this site audit tool to provide powerful and interactive reports. Tableau is empowered to cut down any kind of complex and unstructured data into visually comprehensive reports. Dovetailed with data visualization & Tableau gives such an output through which easy interpretation of the website performance, check for hurdles is made possible. Elite Site Optimizer which is based on Tableau and BI reporting tools helps take critical business decisions at ease thereby improving customer experiences and scaling up businesses to greater heights.

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