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It is critical to keep track of how your website is performing in a timely fashion. To evaluate where it stands in the online world, how it’s faring with respect to competitors, what its rank is in search engine results etc. By gaining ample knowledge about your site’s performance, you can take progressive action in accordance or remedy appropriately to help your site rank better. Hence, it’s pivotal to perform a domain ranking analysis with a notable analysis tool that incorporates an SERP checker and keyword rank checker.

The ranking analysis feature from Elite Site Optimizer is a superior feature that offers SEO professionals the right toolset to review domains, keywords and overall ranking performance of your website. It also enables the generation of varied reports that helps you to better analyze your current status and accordingly make amends. The keyword rank checker quickly and easily checks, tracks, and graphs your search engine keyword ranking for multiple domains and keywords.

ESO offer are as follows


Basic Rank Analysis

The basic rank analysis provides a report on the list of all keywords rank position in the preferred search engine and location for a specific web page. It also generates reports in terms of the rank position for that keyword, across the other pages constituted in the domain.

Competitive Rank Analysis

The competitive rank analysis is a strategic tool that analyzes SEO metrics and generates the rank analysis that gives the ranking position for a given keyword by the owner domain and the competitors domain. Using this competitive rank analysis, the SEO professional garners important information about your competitors and can analyze and define SEO plans for the domain, to stand ahead of competition.


Page Wise Rank Analysis

Page wise rank analysis gives the total count of keywords for different page positions in search engines. This analysis generates a report on the total number of keywords that ranks in each page such as page 1, page 2-5, page 6-10 and pages above 10 of the selected search engines.

Mobile Rank Analysis

ESO has the unique feature of mobile rank analysis for checking the rankings of the keywords across mobile platforms such as the iOS and Android devices. With this mobile analysis, one can view the performance of their websites in different mobile platforms, when a search is carried out from a mobile device.With the ESO’s ranking analysis feature and the embedded keyword rank checker, you can quickly analyze how your site is performing in the SEO realm in just a few clicks.

The dashboard offers instant access to reports, monitors, and analysis tools that will be instrumental in helping you plan your marketing strategies. By using this SEO Analysis tool you can create detailed SEO reports of your website and optimize your pages further in order to improve your rankings and overall performance online.

zero ranking

Zero Ranking

Zero Ranking means the piece of information that is available on the top of the results from a search engine. This piece of information is also known as featured snippet.
Elite Site Optimizer Tool has an inbuilt feature to track zeroth position.

How To Achieve Zero Ranking

– Understanding Target Audience

-Keyword scrutiny and selection

-SEO Audit

-Content Optimization

-Content Presentation

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