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With the ever-changing times, gradually people are drifting from desktop browsing and adopting mobile devices to carry out their tasks through internet. Google AdWords management has stated that mobile searches in certain sectors of the world have surpassed those from desktops. With this shift, there are some slight differences in the way we browse on a mobile device as compared to a desktop. Users may search for different types of keywords on their mobile devices than they would on their desktops or laptops. For example, they may search for shorter phrases or terms. You could be missing out on keywords that your audience uses on mobile that they don’t use on desktops.

Taking this significant factor into account, Elite Site Optimizer has the unique feature of mobile keyword rank analysis for checking the rankings of the keywords across mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows system. Thanks to the mobile keyword rank analysis! When a search is carried out from a mobile device, you can now view and analyze the performance of your website across different mobile platforms.

As per Google’s latest algorithm, mobile friendly websites are inclined to receive better rankings. This is to encourage websites to become more mobile friendly, so that it’s easier for users to source mobile-friendly content when they perform a Google search from their smartphones or tablets. The Elite Site Optimizer is a powerful SEO Analysis tool that clearly and crisply presents a summarized version of your site’s performance in mobile searches.

The mobile keyword ranking feature of the Elite Site Optimizer gives domain owners a detailed report on where the domain stands in different search engines for mobile platforms. The summary of the report will give the count of keywords that acquired a rank in each of the different search engine rank pages such as page 1, page 2-5, page 6-10 and pages above 10. The owner can view the mobile keyword ranking report for different mobile device platforms such as HP, Android, Samsung Android, iOS, and Hybrid (a combination of all platforms). The Mobile Keyword Ranking Analysis provides detailed and streamlined ranking data with respect to the given keywords in the selected mobile platforms for the selected domain under selected search engines and search locations. This report further lists out all the keywords and their respective competitor’s ranking position for each of the mobile platforms.

This feature helps you connect with the right people, at the right time, in the right place and is certainly a step forward in the right direction. The benefits of this new marketing paradigm looks promising and positive.

Elite site optimizer produces exemplary reports which are based on data visualization powered by Tableau and BI. These comprehensive reports give the user a drilled down perspective of the web page responses at various instances. The potential of Tableau and BI together contribute towards the conception of predictive data to forecast business changes and prepare businesses for regular revival of their skill sets. Elite site optimizer works based on these competencies and produces summarized reports regarding the web page performances at various contexts. This tool runs for mobile platforms like iOS, Windows and Android.

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