Missed Opportunities Report

This report will help domain owners to identify how many visits they are missing for each page/ keywords they are targeting and also help them analyze how to improve the visits.

The missed opportunities report will give the users an insight about their campaign pages and target keywords, their total search volume, and missed opportunities for the page.

The report starts with the summary data as,

  • Page visits for the domain
  • Unique visitors for the domain
  • Google keyword rank for the domain
  • Missed opportunities as new visits that were missed

The data being displayed for this missed opportunities report are:

  • Landing page URL that was added through campaigns
  • Page views for that landing page
  • Unique Visitors on that landing page
  • Visits for that landing page
  • Missed Opportunities for that page

Each landing page will have a link to view the detailed page level report.
The page level report of this missed opportunities report will display the following data for the selected webpage:

  • Target Keywords that are taken from the preferred keywords list of the Campaign settings
  • Google keyword rank for that target keyword by that page
  • Monthly Search Volume (local US search volume) for that keyword
  • Last month’s visit of the page for the keyword
  • Missed Opportunities for the keyword using the patent awaiting algorithm

The Elite site optimizer with Tableau and BI produces data visualized reports which contain accurate information about the web page performance based on particular keywords or actions. The website manager can get critical inputs to improve the quality of website on the basis of this missed opportunities report. This report generates to the point data in a ratio between the total campaign pages, the keywords used for the campaign and the search volume involved. This data is then analyzed to produce the missed opportunities report.

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