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A well maintained, fully functional and active website is a direct reflection of you and your business. It stands for what you are and what your brand represents. A website that lacks maintenance will result with a negative impression on a search engine and in-turn falls behind on the ranking.

Something as minor as dead or broken hyperlinks on websites are not just bothersome to your site visitors – but it has the probability to cause some real damage to your online business, customer satisfaction as well as to your reputation online. Hence it should be ensured from time to time that all the links mapped across your website are functional and running. But how do we perform these internal links checks on a consistent basis?

The Elite Site Optimizer is a wonderful tool that can be appropriately leveraged to optimize your website to its fullest potential. It comes with a plethora of features and the Link Checker Analysis is one of its unique key functionality. The Link Checker provides timely data about the status and condition of the site’s numerous internal links. Many a times due to broken hyperlinks and related errors, the webpage doesn’t load but instead displays http status codes and the information or action that we wanted to proceed with on the website gets interrupted abruptly.

In cases of broken links or redirects that display 404 error or 301/302 error and other http status codes – the integrated link checker feature of the ESO will give you the report of internal link status. Successively, immediate action can be taken to remedy it, to ensure that more customers don’t have to face any inconvenience while shopping or browsing through your website.

Following are the internal link types Elite Site Optimizer helps scrutinizing:

  • Informational links (1xx)
  • Successful Links (2xx)
  • Redirected Live Internal Links (3xx)
  • Client Error Links (4xx)
  • Server Error Links (5xx)

The link checker analysis feature of the Elite Site Optimizer tool along with the competencies of Tableau and BI generate highly attractive pictorial reports helping the viewers understand where and what has gone wrong. With these reports, the owners can easily conduct error corrections and be alert about possible issues which might happen in future. The Elite Site Optimizer link checker analysis follows every link to check its functionality before providing the final report.

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