Link Checker

Investigate & streamline your linking strategy to improve your online visibility

Link Checker

Investigate & streamline your linking

strategy to improve your online visibility

Elite Site Optimizer organizes the data pertaining to your linking strategy in multiple dimensions. Link Checker reports in ESO are grouped as: Internal link checker, Bulk link status check and Back link data vis-a-vis your competitors data and average ranking data.

Why finding link errors are critical? Bringing customers to your landing page is an uphill task. So avoiding your visitor from landing on a page which shows just an error message becomes inevitable to keep your bounce rate in check. This Link Checker in ESO ultimately aims to reduce the negative impact and rather nudge you to act immediately to rectify the errors on important pages in your domain.

Link Checker

Internal Link Checker

The Internal link checker analysis feature of the Elite Site Optimizer tool generate insightful reports helping the viewers understand where and what internal link types have gone wrong. Following are the internal link types Elite Site Optimizer helps scrutinizing:

  • Informational links (1xx)
  • Successful Links (2xx)
  • Redirected Live Internal Links (3xx)
  • Client Error Links (4xx)
  • Server Error Links (5xx)

We help you resolve multitude of internal link issues and thereby make your website user-friendly and current. This most importantly means you can stop worrying about going over exhaustive data and actually start making meaningful and tactical changes to make your website a success.


  • ESO crawler validates all possible links including HTML, image (src), CSS, JS and more
  • We crawl multiple levels upto 10 times deep for link validation
  • We go all the way. Yes! Staging and QA environments can be crawled too upon whitelisting ESO crawl IPs
  • You have it when you need it. Weekly and instant link crawls are possible too
  • Source pages for every link issue to fix the root cause and take care it once and for all

Complete web based solution  – no corporate IT infrastructure approval needed to install ESO in your local computer 

Bulk Link Status Check

The bulk link status check as the name suggests reports all the records of link status for the SEO personnel to take corrective measures and make them as useful and crawlable pages. This feature showcases a huge potential to make two corrective measures proactively without waiting for scheduled crawls to avoid errors on targeted pages. One – bring several pages back in the game even before scheduled crawling and/or two – redirect the visitors to a relevant page and avoid their disappointment. Get status within a short span of time even before the scheduled crawling.

Backlink Data

This metric will help you streamline your linking strategies in proportion to the average ranking position of targeted keywords. Also this report makes it interesting to play when you are aware of your competitors status in terms of this important metrics – backlink data vs competition.

Backlink Vs Competition

Elite site optimizer helps you get a complete picture of all your backlinks vis-a-vis your competitors. It goes a step further to also categorize your total backlinks into Follow and No follow links. You will now be able to periodically keep tab of your backlinks built over time.

Backlink Vs Average Ranking Position

This metrics provides a comparison report highlighting Backlink data and Average Ranking Data for a given period. We for one understand how the dynamics of backlinks can affect your ranking. SEO gurus time and again emphasizes on the relationship between quantity & quality of backlinks Vs the ranking position. This metrics in ESO enlightens you with the ranking position of your domain in proportion with the backlinks in consistent intervals. Any spike in the pattern might call for your action plan to scrutinize your link health.

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