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When running a business, it is intriguing to know how the visitors to your domain interact with it. The best way to know, is to integrate Google Analytics to track the performance of your website, web pages, visits and keywords. In this manner, you will gather a better idea on how much traffic each of the keywords and pages bring to your domain. By integrating Google Analytics, SEO analyst can monitor and track the efficiency of the online marketing campaigns. Basically, it gives an overview regarding visitor counts, page views, new visitors etc. it allows you to measure the online traffic to your website and helps in making further improvements in your campaigns. Armed with this valuable information, you can adeptly restructure or strategize your forthcoming marketing techniques.

One of the key functionality of the Elite Site Optimizer is the Google Analytics Integration, it gathers analytical data from the site owner’s domain and subsequently provides you with a comprehensive analytics report. Analytics report generation is one of its highlights. This report generated, covers prime areas of the Google Analytics data such as

  • Domain traffic by pages
  • Domain traffic from search engines
  • Domain traffic from social networking platforms

Further, the domain owner can get customized reports in terms of the top traffic driven pages and the least traffic driven pages. Also, reports can be created with respect to the traffic driven from varied popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu and others. The report covers details of the following data – search engine, page views, unique page views, bounce rate, unique page visitors, average time on page and pages per visit.

With the wide array of reports generated by this ESO’s feature, SEO analysts can confidently leverage these reports to define and shape their SEO strategies. The redefined strategies can enable the domain to drive more traffic from search engines and key focus can be given to those pages of the website based on the review of page views & traffic.

Data visualization reports backed by Tableau and BI based on the Elite site optimizer tool supports business owners to get a comprehensive hold on the multiple facets of their web page performance. They are able to supervise all the aspects of their website through a single tool and generate detailed reports which help them in building a constructive SEO road map for their online store.

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