More About Custom Reports Builder

One of the important, yet cool features of the Elite Site Optimizer is the custom report builder. Build Report… schedule it to receive… relax and receive reports via email… just open and send it to your clients. The custom report builder feature helps SEO agencies to build different SEO reports for their clients and automates their process of weekly or periodic scheduled reporting.All the reports in Elite Site Optimizer are mobile compatible.

The different reports that SEO Agencies can build are:

  • Basic ranking report
  • Comparative ranking report
  • Page wise rank analysis report
  • Mobile keyword ranking report
  • On Page SEO element Extractor
  • Link checker analysis report
  • Traffic for pages analytics report
  • Traffic from Social networks report
  • Traffic from Search Engine report
  • Missed opportunities page level report
  • Keyword report (Branded vs. Non branded)
  • Top performing pages report by CTR/ Clicks/ Impressions