The biggest part of extraordinary rankings comes from outstanding links. A reliable link strategy is the #1 weapon against the online competition and the sure-fire way to get more traffic.

And if you’re dead serious about improving your site’s sales, you must take an opportunity to analyze the links of your competition and to build a linking strategy that’s better than theirs.

More about Backlinks

The backlink data feature presents the total number of backlinks for the domain and its competitors for every week. Backlink authority is one of the important ranking factors for search engines, and keyword ranking mostly correlate with the backlinks. ESO report section shows keyword ranking trend along with backlink data. This tool will analyze all backlinks that it found and show you how often (in percents) each keyword is used in the body, title and anchor texts on all linking pages.

Backlink research and link building are a couple of tiresome yet unavoidable tasks. Link Research Tools is one of the most important link research assistants you should try.

You can try Elite Site Optimizer’s backlink tool. Backlinks data feature provides the total number of links the particular domain has acquired and its competitors for every month. The toolkit has varied data sources, an advanced methodology, customized settings, and quite a few unique features inside i.e. everything you may need in your link building efforts. The tool enables to find out which backlinks you or your competitors’ sites have as well as examine the link values. Apart from presenting the list of URLs manually, this tool also acknowledges uploading your list of backlinks to analyze (from Google Webmaster Toolkit, Sistrix, SEOmoz, etc.)

Tableau and BI are meant for breaking down unstructured data and producing comprehensive reports based on huge amount of unprocessed data. Backlink information obtained from several sources is tough to understand and requires multi-level processing. Data visualization reports for the Elite Site Optimizer tool provides highly predictable and simple reports to comprehend and forecast business moves. The backlink feature is catalyzed by such reports which give a detailed idea about the website presence to online stakeholders.

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