Frequently asked questions

How often does your tool gather search engine ranking data?

ESO rank analysis engine provides weekly search ranking data. This report includes the social interactions, competitors’ ranking and page wise ranking reports.

How flexible is your reporting tool?

ESO has the facility of creating custom reports through its advanced reports feature. The reports can be configured within minutes with the help of multiple metrics or options. These reports are automatically delivered via e-mail through scheduled reports. The user can also export these reports in both PDF and Excel CSV format.

Can this system track thousands of keywords?

Yes, ESO has the ability to accommodate thousands of keywords. The number of keywords depends upon the subscription plan.

Is it possible for a user to create multiple keyword campaigns for a domain?

Yes, based on the subscription plan the user can create multiple keyword campaigns for a domain and assign keywords.

Does ESO support multiple user accounts?

Yes, ESO supports multiple user accounts and each user can be assigned to multiple domains.

Does ESO support multiple domains?

Yes, ESO supports multiple domain accounts that can be added by the account owner. This depends upon the plans which they have subscribed for.

How it is beneficial in using Top Action Item report?

This top action item report will give insights with priorities to the domain owner about the list of areas to be concentrated from an SEO perspective for improvement.

What is the use of the On Page SEO Element Extractor?

With the help of the On Page Element Extractor, the domain owner can export important elements in the form of title, meta-description and canonical URL. This will help the site owner to correct the issues with the On Page SEO Elements for all the pages using this report.

How is a Site Audit report beneficial for the domain owner?

The site audit report will give an overview of the site information, such as total number of missing titles, missing description, missing canonical URLs, missing ALT attributes, etc. This will help the site owner to make modifications and improve as these areas will improve SEO ranking.

What are the search engines supported by ESO?

As of now, the leading search engines, namely Google, Bing & Yahoo are supported by ESO.

How accurate is your search engine ranking?

The results generated by ESO are from different search engines and are generated on a weekly basis. The accuracy of the search engine ranking report depends on the search engines and the time limit for generating the rank reports.

Is there a country list you support?

We support all countries that are supported by Google, Yahoo and Bing for ranking reports and these can be configured by the respective account owners.