What is the use of URL management?

URL Management

This section is used to manage three features listed below.

URL Management section:

  • The user can add the URLs of the pages from their website to monitor the Usability Report, Code Audit Report, and Page Health – SEO Audit Tool report in this URL management section.
  • The user needs to add the URL path of the webpage excluding the root domain name. For e.g: if the web page path is:, then they need to enter the path as ‘path/test.html’


On-Page URL Management

On-Page URL Management section


User Experience score settings:

  • The user can set up the Dashboard default UX score URL and Default UX metric dimension that will be displayed in the dashboard for the configured URL in URL management.
  • The user experience setting can be calculated using different metrics like Time to load the page, Time to interact, Time to First Byte, Time to load a full visible page. Among these metrics, this setting will define which metric to be used for UX Score calculation for the website.
  • The user can also edit random sample seed in User Experience score settings. The UX score can be calculated using the values taken from several sample visits to the page. This setting will define how many random samples have to be collected through a seed random number generator.
  • The user experience score is measured on a scale of 0 to 1. 1 being Excellent Experience and 0 being Frustrated experience. The page load performance timing metrics have threshold units associated with the above scale to measure these experiences – Excellent, Satisfactory (Good), Tolerable (Fair), Poor, Frustrated. The average of the page load performance metrics is calculated from samples collected, processed, and measured in the above scale to calculate the user experience score.


User experience score settings

User experience score settings


Report Settings

  • If the user wants to monitor and receive the external links and 4xx (broken links) reports in email for their websites, they can enable the ‘Run Report’ button and select the report type by enabling the respective checkbox. Then configure the frequency and time to generate & receive the report.
  • The user can schedule this report to receive an email at any desired time to monitor external links and 4xx (broken link checker) on Daily (Only available for pro and Agency plans only), weekly and monthly basis.


URL Management - Report Settings

URL Management – Report Settings