How is the Readability Score Report useful to the user?

Readability Score

  • Readability refers to the efficiency with which a person can understand the phrase of text and it also depends on the complication of the content of the webpage.
  • The readability score displayed is calculated depending on the Flesch reading ease score and ESO’s algorithm.
  • The readability score is displayed with a background color band depending on the Reading Easiness and Grade level of the content in the web page.
  • Reading Easiness and Grade Level are calculated depending on the Readability Score of the web page.
  • Grade Level refers to the Grade Level required for an average reader to understand the page content.

Readability score report

  • The report also provides the total number of sentences and words present on the web page.
  • Average Sentence Length for a web page is calculated with the total number of words divided by the total number of sentences.
  • The search queries column displays the number of search terms through which the user has reached the web page.
  • Every click by the viewer on the website available in organic search results is counted as a click. The total number of clicks is displayed in the clicks column.
  • The total number of Impressions is displayed in the Impression column. An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on a search result page.
  • Sessions % is also displayed in the report. It is the number of individual sessions started by a user. One session lasts up to 30 seconds.
  • The bounce rate of the web page is also displayed in the report. The bounce rate is the number of visits in which a person leaves the web page from the landing page without browsing any further.
  • The average session time on page is displayed in this report. It is the average time a user spends on the webpage. It is calculated using the formula mentioned below
    • Avg. Time on Page = Total Time on Page/(Total Page Views — Total Exits)
  • The report and results can be downloaded as CSV and PDF data formats.

Settings Button:

Readability score - Settings button

  • Clicking on the Setting button allows users to check or uncheck the table header and its content for displaying in the tabular format.

Readability score - After clicking Settings button