How to manually run reports for a specific domain?

Run reports

  • Elite Site Optimizer's audit of the website is scheduled on a weekly basis. If the user wants to crawl and audit the website pages after they have done any updates on the website in the middle of the week, then the user can make a request using the 'Run Reports' section.
Link Checker Data Update

Link Checker Data Update

  • The user needs to select the domain name from the available domains and request to run crawl.
  • The user can access this section by clicking on the user name on the top right corner of the Elite Site Optimizer application (Username -> Run Reports).

Run Report Section - Menu Navigation

Run Report Section - Menu Navigation

  • The user can also navigate to this section by clicking the “Run Reports” button in Site Audit, On-Page Crawl Data, and Internal Link Checker sections.
Run Reports button

Run Reports button in Internal Link Checker section

  • Since crawling the website involves heavy resource utilization, budget, and website performance, the crawling is limited to one request per day and the total number of requests allowed per week depends on the plan subscribed to by the user.
  • If the allowed no. of requests per week or allowed no. of request per day is exhausted according to the subscription plan, the “Run Reports” request provided will not be taken until the limit is refilled again.