Where to setup domains and how many domains can be added to the Elite Site Optimizer Application?

Domain Management

  • The user can access this section by clicking the user name in the top right corner of the Elite Site Optimizer application (Username -> Domain Management).
  • This section is used to manage domains by creating, editing, and deleting the domain name, domain URL, and Google Analytics Profile ID.
  • The number of domains that can be added depends upon the subscription plan.
    • Free Trial – 1 Domain
    • Basic plan – 10 Domains
    • Pro plan – 20 Domains
    • Enterprise plan – 50 Domains
Domain Management

Domain Management Section

  • In domain management, the user can add their “production” website marked as “Live site” in the “Domain type” option.
  • Then for adding the staging website, the user needs to add the staging domain through domain management and mark it as “Staging site” in the “Domain type” option. While adding a staging website, the user also needs to select the production website against which it has to be compared.
  • If the staging website has protected access through HTTP Basic Authentication, while adding their staging website domain, the user can also add the username and password to access the website.
  • While adding the staging website, if the staging website has protected access through IP based access restriction, the user should select the Crawler IP address type as Static IP and it will show the IP address of the Elite Site Optimizer web crawler. Then the user needs to add the IP address to the server firewall’s whitelist and also allow in the robots.txt of their staging website.
  • The user can also set up competitors for their domain to track their performance on ranking, On-page analysis, and Backlink count.
  • The user can add a maximum of 5 competitors for a domain depending upon the plan selected.
Add New Domain

Add New Domain page